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The showrunner of Resident Evil explained the choice of the release date of the series

Not so long ago we learnedthat on July 14 Netflix appointed the release of the series based on the series resident evil. At the same time, not so long ago, last fall, a fresh film of the franchise appeared in cinemas, and the premiere of “Resident Evil: Raccoon City‘ was met without much enthusiasm.
Resident Evil showrunner Andrew Dabb explainedthat the closeness of the dates is not accidental. The thing is that both projects were created almost simultaneously. And in a sense, this freed the creators: since the film was conceived as an adaptation of the first two games, the creators of the series were able to go in a completely different direction.

So it’s not a coincidence, it was meant to be. The idea is that all of this can exist side by side, because what Raccoon City explores and will be explored in subsequent films, all takes place in our world. That doesn’t mean it’s about sharing actors and stuff, it’s much more complicated. Obviously, their Wesker, even in his youth, did not look like Lance Reddick. But the studio Constantine Film made this choice, and he set the main course of events.

Andrew Dabb

As we already know, Lance Reddick will play a later version of Albert Wesker. And this time, the focus of the plot will be his children, who arrived in the new Raccoon City. The main roles in the series are played by Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Radolph and Paola Nunez. We have eight episodes.

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