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The Siemens smoke detector portfolio has been further expanded

The Siemens smoke detector portfolio has been further expanded

The fire protection of data centers, commercial warehouses, industrial facilities and other large premises can be easily solved with two new air sampling sensors (ASD) from Siemens.

An area of ​​up to 6,700 square meters can be protected with a single device of the new product family, which is considered the largest coverage currently available on the market. In terms of sensitivity, up to 3,000 square meters can be covered with a single ASD+ (FDA262) system, even in the case of A-class use, which imposes the most stringent requirements.

The new models, FDA261 and FDA262, include the ASD Connect mobile app, which enables digital commissioning of the equipment. Thanks to the app’s user interface and the highly automated process, settings can be made quickly and easily.

ASDs play a key role in the protection of infrastructures necessary for the transformation and digitalization of energy systems, as well as those built under the influence of other global megatrends. An example of this is the fire protection of rapidly expanding lithium-ion battery energy storage systems.

The new ASD+ is fully integrated into Siemens fire alarm systems, where as an addressable device it communicates directly and intelligently on the Siemens FDnet/C-NET sensor network, without the use of any additional hardware or I/O cards. All of this ensures easy installation and a fast data connection to both the fire alarm center and the cloud service.

Not only does ASD+ perform better in detection, it is also maximally protected against false alarms. The highly sensitive and accurate detection of the air sampling equipment is ensured by the optical hardware designed for industrial and polluted environments, as well as the improved dual-wavelength signal processing algorithm, which reliably distinguishes smoke and dust particles. The alarm threshold of ASD+ products (between 0.003 and 20%/m) can be adjusted, so it can be flexibly adapted to any application. Customers also receive additional valuable information – pre-alarm, dust detection and contamination level report – through the Siemens application.

In the spirit of sustainability, Siemens’ new air sampling (ASD) smoke detectors have a modular design, so their air sampling and analysis units can be replaced without reconfiguring the device.



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