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The song that MSV did not want!.. Vali made it a hit by putting it in another movie!.

Poet Vali wrote songs for several films in the 1960s. Kannadasan entered cinema as a leading lyricist and carved a niche for himself. Like Kannadasan, he wrote songs for many situations like spirituality, love, sadness, tears, philosophy.

Kannadasan did not write songs in MGR films when there was a political conflict between Kannadasan and MGR. So, Wally took full advantage of that gap. Vali’s lines resonated with MGR.

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Vali has written many hit songs of MGR. Vali’s lines especially helped MGR to promote himself to the masses. Vali wrote many songs including “If I decree it will happen.. My breath will be in three syllables… The question is why..”

In the case of films, the lyrics of a lyricist may not be liked by the music composer or the director. So, the poet will use those lyrics for another film. This happens from time to time.

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Vali wrote a song for a film directed by PR Bandulu starring MGR. But MSV refused saying that the lines were too long. That afternoon, Vali went to write a song for the movie ‘Arasa Komandy’. KV Mahadevan composed the music for that film. This is also a movie starring MGR as the hero.

Vali showed the lyrics to Mahadevan and said, ‘Make a tune for these lyrics’ and Mahadevan also made a wonderful tune. That is the song called ‘Puttam new book. The song “Don’t want MSV” became a super hit by attracting fans. Wali himself has told this information in an interview.

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