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the sports smartwatch “for women” is completely renewed

This new smartwatch has a 35 mm dial, five days of autonomy and measures multiple health and physical activity parameters

New Garmin Lily 2: the sports smartwatch "for women" is completely renewed
The new Garmin Lily 2 with silicone, fabric and leather straps

It’s been almost three years since the first generation of Lily was launched, Garmin’s smartwatch designed for women or people with thin wrists. Now, this smart watch has just completely renewed its features with the new Lily 2Available in standard or classic model and with fabric, silicone or Italian leather strapsperfect for each user to combine with their own style.

Garminlo one of the most popular brands of smart watchesand proof of this is that it was the brand that sold the most wearables last Black Friday, sharing the podium with Xiaomi. Have a catalog with more than 110 models and the most varied priceswith vivofit options that start from 80 euros to some that are dangerously close to 2,000 euros, typical of the MARQ luxury collection.

This is Lily 2, Garmin’s smart watch for women

In this case, we are going to talk about its new sports smartwatch designed for women: Lily 2. It is a Smart watch small, modern and elegant, with a 35mm sphere with a unique design that you have to touch or flick your wrist to wake up the screen. Additionally, the lens is coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

Regarding health parameters, Lily 2 measures the heart rate continuously, monitors the energy levels to know if you are ready to play sports or need to rest and carry out a study of the sleep quality and provides tips to improve it. Additionally, it controls the stress level and makes a female health trackingsuch as the menstrual cycle or the different phases of pregnancy.

On the other hand, it also has multiple sports and physical activity tracking apps, including inactivity alerts when you have been stopped for a long time. Among other things, this smartwatch makes a Track daily steps, calories burned and intensity minutes during exercise, whether it is a cardio, dance or strength training activity.

In another order of things, the battery offers up to five days of autonomy without the need for charging and has the most useful connectivity options. For example, you can receive emails, text messages, alerts and calendar view on the watch as long as it is paired to an Android phone or iPhone.

Finally, you can choose between the standard model, Lily 2, or the classic model, Lily 2 Classic. Both have the same specifications, they only differ in their design and, therefore, in the price: the different models of Lily 2 has a price of 279.99 euroswhile the model Lily 2 Classic costs 299.99 eurosthat is, 20 euros more.

However, Lily 2 is only available with silicone strapsin lilac with lilac strap or in cream gold with coconut strap. However, Lily 2 Classic has two versions: with fabric straps in brown (cream gold body) and gray (silver body), or with leather belts in brown (cream gold body) and purple (dark bronze body).

Without a doubt, the new Lily 2 has the necessary characteristics to be part of the best smartwatches on the marketwhere we also find a Garmin model in the current guide.

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