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The star of “Warrior” wants to play in the film adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima –

Andrew Kojistarring in the historical series “Warrior”said that he plans to get the central part in the film adaptation Ghost of Tsushima.

The actor has already mentioned his love for video games in the past, in particular Ratchet and Clank. And according to Koji, he is serious about playing Jina Sakaya in a full-length film based on the “Ghost”.

I would like it. I think I will make a good Jin Sakai. I could bring something of my own to the character.

Andrew Koji

The actor revealed that he had already completed the original game twice, which he really liked. Koji believes that the film adaptation needs to find its own way, so as not to repeat the banal Ghost of Tsushima itself “one to one”.

He noted that it is in such detail that the difficulties with game adaptations manifest themselves, apparently implying that the authors need to maintain a balance between the original material and their view.

The director is responsible for staging the film. “John Wick” Chad Stahelskia responsible for the script Takashi Dosher (“The Last Woman on Earth”). There is no exact release date for the film yet.

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