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The theater that released the second half of the film first…that’s why the film became a super hit..!

AVM Movie: There are many reasons for a film to be successful in Tamil cinema. But is it possible to believe that a movie can become a mass hit because of something done by a theatre-goer? Such an incident is also happening in the Tamil film industry.

The film, produced by AVM, slowly opened its doors. The film featured Mohan, Radha, Amala, Vishu, Kamala Kamesh and Senthil. The film is Mohan’s first film under AVM Productions. MS Viswanathan composed the music for the film.

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Ilayaraja had composed the music for Kannan playing the pipe. Mohan and Amala, a Muslim, will be in love in the film. In this, he will not use Amala’s face. One day, when they come to see him, he falls into a grave and dies. So Mohan will have no desire for marriage itself.

During this time, Radha falls in love with Mohan. When Mohan’s father arranges the marriage, Mohan does not agree. Subsequently, when Radha falls into the same burial pit and dares to die, they save him and save him together.

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The first few weeks of the film’s release did not go well. A theater owner from Madurai screened the second half first. After that, the film got a good response. Subsequently, the film became a huge hit.

However, AVM sent the film back to the censors and got the certificate. Then even an officer now what title, slowly opened the door? Reports also suggest that the door was opened slowly.

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