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The universal hero who surprised the theater group… Lord is ripe in the pinch…

Kamalhaasan: Universal hero Kamalhaasan made his debut as a child star in Tamil cinema. He can be called the pinnacle of acting. To that extent, he has shown his performance very well. He made his debut as a child star in Tamil cinema through the movie Kalathur Kannamma.

Later, he acted as a child star in many movies like Pasi Deerum and Bada Kanikai. DK Shanmugam was running a famous theater company at that time. He was thinking of using child stars in the dramas he directed.

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Shanmugam is looking for children for that. Then he heard about Kamala. He immediately invited Kamala to act in the play. Then Veerapandiya Kattabomman asked him to recite the verse. Idle world hero. Kamal spoke that verse very beautifully.

Then Kamal Haasan acted in a drama directed by him. MGR and Annadurai presided over the event. Then MGR saw Kamal’s performance and said that this boy would become a very big man in future. He said that he has such a passion for acting. An incident happened there after the word Akkarai.

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It is customary to sing songs before plays. At that time, they had also recorded the song required for that play on tape. But right when the play was going on, the tape was cut. The theater group did not know what to do.

Immediately on the spot, Kamal looked at one of the members of the orchestra, the harmonium player, and asked him to start the Shruti. As soon as he started, Kamale finished singing the rest of the song. All the people there were amazed especially Shanmugam. Kamal amazed everyone at such a young age.

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