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The updated version of the Petőfi community database was presented

The updated version of the Petőfi community database was presented


The Hungarian National Archives has created an innovative tool for the 21st century that brings Sándor Petőfi and the reform era even closer to the people.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the revolution and freedom struggle of 1848-49, the Hungarian National Archives presented a renewed version of the database called Petőfi’s community, which reveals the network of relationships of Sándor Petőfi. In connection with the Petőfi commemorative year, the Hungarian National Archives has created a 21st-century innovative tool that includes about 200 people from Sándor Petőfi’s circle of acquaintances in a restricted database. Through the fact that the archive presents Petőfi’s wide and extensive network of contacts, we can get to know not only the reform era and the poet, but also ourselves a little better. The feedback is also very good, the interface, the first version of which was completed last year, is regularly used in education.

As is well known, the most emblematic figure of the revolution and freedom struggle traveled the entire country during his short life, completed his studies at eight schools, came into contact with the best-known politicians and writers of the era, and was incredibly popular. They wanted to present this extremely extensive network of relationships through the documents found in the archive.

The community of Sándor Petőfi project is a kind of precursor to the large-scale program, during which I want to digitize the approximately 22 million pages of Hungarian civil registry files created between 1895 and 1980.

At the event, Zoltán Szatucsek, head of MNL’s Informatics and Innovation Directorate, and archivist István Hegedűs, head of the Directorate’s Digital Content Development Department, gave a project presentation.

According to István Hegedűs, the selection of the persons included in the database is based on the relevant literature, in each biography you can find the exact relationship that person had with Sándor Petőfi. The names are accompanied by a short biographical description and a literary recommendation, as well as an archival document such as a birth certificate, correspondence, diploma, map or photograph. The selection includes, for example, János Arany, Mór Jókai, Ferenc Liszt, Lajos Kossuth, József Bem, Artúr Görgey and Sándor Petőfi’s love from his youth, Emília Cancriny.

The database was also completed last year, which publishes the list of memorial sites in Hungary and abroad related to Sándor Petőfi, based on the decades-long collection work of local historian József Tarjányi and Petőfi researcher.

The first version of the database was presented a year ago. The databases published at that time have now been renewed in a more interactive form, supported by spectacular data visualization. A social media imitation subpage has been created (petofikozossege.mnl.gov.hu), into which the documents in the database are entered in the form of a blog post every 2-3 days.



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