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The V actor who put the phone to shut up the theater owner!.. Sema dose for the producer?..

Shocking information is spreading that the V actor who dosed the producer of the film saying that if someone is talking about something, Ummunnu Kammunnu collection is not mentioned, the theater owner has also turned off the phone so as not to reveal many facts.

The V actor is making a big plan to celebrate the success of the film Adivangi Singha, which was released on weekdays, and has become the number one film of Tamil cinema.

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In this case, as a way to hunt down the whole, the theater owner disguised himself as the theater owner and took out the producer’s old criminal records and became an approver.

Not only the producer but also the actor’s previous film’s release has been unleashed, if it goes a little further, the V actor panics in fear that many more bad leelas will be exposed. Because of this, it is said that the producer has not opened his mouth on this matter and said that Kammunnu is like him.

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