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The villain actor who did not respect MGR who entered the shooting…His answer is the highlight!..


It was Nambiar who played the villain equivalent to him in MGR’s films. But in real life the two became very close friends. This friendship started in the movie “Rajakumari” where MGR first starred. Yes!

MGR and Nambiar

MGR and Nambiar

The two became friends in the film itself. Although Nambiar acted as a villain to MGR in several films thereafter, the friendship between the two continued. Especially when Nambiar got married, MGR was the groomsman. They have been very close friends.

After MGR became a great actor, he had a special respect for him. Seeing him, many people were waiting to fall at his feet. Similarly, when he enters the shooting site, everyone there stands up.

MGR and Nambiar

MGR and Nambiar

MGR has entered during the shooting of a movie. Then everyone stood up, only Namiyar didn’t stand up. At that time, MGR’s Katupada director P. Neelakandan asked Nambiar, “Chinnavar is coming, why are you not standing up like this?” He believed, “Why should I stand up? He is an actor and I am an actor. That’s all” he said. Hearing this, MGR left smiling. It is significant that such an understanding existed between both of them.

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