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The Vision Pro countdown clock has officially started on Apple․com

Not hyped enough about Apple Vision Pro yet? Apple has cranked up the anticipation with a countdown clock on apple․com that tells you how soon Apple Vision Pro will officially launch.

The Clock of Spatial Anticipation is one just aspect of Apple Vision Pro hype this week. On Tuesday, the first Apple Vision Pro review videos and articles started to roll in. We also got to see the very first Apple Vision Pro unboxing.

There was even a second software update to visionOS 1.0 before the headset actually reaches customers. In the case of visionOS 1.0.2, it was actually a pretty significant security fix! And if visionOS is anything like watchOS, we should fully expect to see visionOS 2 previewed in June at WWDC and released around September this fall.

But first, Apple’s first spatial computer has to actually launch. That starts in the United States on Friday. Apple has suggested that an international launch will happen sooner than later in 2024.

Me? I haven’t pre-ordered Vision Pro, but I fully plan to queue up at my local Apple Store in New Orleans on Friday morning to experience my first demo. I’m also Kickstarting a new podcast series, Visioneers: Developing for Vision, where I hope to interview the developers creating the very first visionOS apps. Consider pledging a few bucks to the campaign if you’re interested!

I’ll also have a comprehensive roundup on Friday of the best Vision Pro apps for early adopters looking to do more with visionOS!


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