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The work done by the captain night after night!

Vijayakanth: What everyone remembers about Vijayakanth is his humble nature of helping others. If it is one thing to find oneself and help the helpers, it is another quality to go out and help one’s self if there is a problem.

Let’s say one thing for example. Vijayakanth randomly went to the house of Dhanush’s father Kasthuri Raja to see his daughter who was crying, and knowing that she was unable to study medicine, he made arrangements for it in one day. Now Dhanush’s sister is a surgeon at Chennai Apollo Hospital.

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Vijayakanth has helped many people from the film industry knowingly and some unknowingly. He never said it anywhere. He has helped many actors, directors and producers. Only a little of it is known.

Once Satyaraj had told a piece of information. I was shooting at AVM Studio. The shooting of Vijayakanth was going on nearby. The news of the school fire in Kumbakonam and the death of some children was haunting him. I went home after shooting at 6 pm that evening.

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But after Vijayakanth finished shooting, he went to Kumbakonam and gave Rs.10 lakh to the parents of the children who died there and returned to Chennai overnight. The next day at 7 am he came to shoot as usual.

After seeing what he did, we had no choice but to finance it. Satyaraj has said that if revolutionary leader MGR taught us to help, it was Vijayakanth who taught us all to give.

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