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The world’s fastest drone can easily record an F1 race – PCW

The world’s fastest drone can easily record an F1 race – PCW


Recently, a new product of Dutch Drone Gods, one of the most active market players in the sector, was presented, which was created in the framework of cooperation with Red Bull, the main supporter of Formula 1. The fastest drone ever can reach a speed of up to 350 km/h. That’s enough to make spectacular aerial shots of Formula 1 races.

This is a huge leap compared to the previous ones, since the fastest pieces currently available are capable of roughly half of this. With the pieces that could be purchased before, there was no chance to record the popular race – sometimes of cars exceeding 300 km/h.

At the beginning of last year, the popular energy drink manufacturer asked the market-leading drone company to develop a flying device that, thanks to its faster speed, can also jump for this task. Another Dutch company, Quadmovr, was also involved in the development of the complex project.

Eight months of joint work finally paid off. The high-tech gadget weighing barely one kilogram performed well in the tests, which is not only good at acceleration, but can even slow down in seconds when cornering. In the video demonstrating this, you can see Max Verstappen’s car being followed by the drone through a complete circle.

According to the Redbull driver, this development could completely change the way people thought about the broadcasting of races until now, and it could also have a beneficial effect on the viewership. For now, there are no plans to deploy the fastest drone in the field, but it is certain that it will not stay on the sidelines forever with such spectacular capabilities.



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