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Then Cool Suresh.. Now Dhanush Fan.. Poor Aishwarya.. Sexual Harassment in Captain Miller Show

Cool Suresh garlanded host Aishwarya on the stage at the music launch of the film Cargo and made her frown. It erupted into a huge controversy. As Aishwarya threw away the garland and glared at Kool Suresh, Mansoor Ali Khan came running to pacify him.

In this case, the same host Aishwarya had a big mishap at Captain Miller’s pre-release event.

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Captain Miller’s show was held last night in Nehru Stadium to a huge crowd. At that time, a Dhanush fan allegedly took advantage of the crowd to sexually assault host Aishwarya. The video of Aishwarya’s angered Aishwarya holding the young man’s shirt and running away as if the sandal pinched his feet.

Netizens are making those videos viral, saying that Aishwarya was cursing so furiously in the crowd and said that the Dhanush fan must have done the base sexual abuse.

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Host Aishwarya is expected to give an explanation in this regard soon. Dhanush’s Captain Miller used the crowd of fans who had come to watch the pre-release show to misbehave with the female host and made the show look ugly.


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