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Then I didn’t pay attention to Rajini properly!.. Now I’m sorry!.. The lamenting director…

Actor Rajinikanth: It is difficult to make it in the film industry without any film background. Superstar is the one who has achieved that. He has achieved success in cinema by his own efforts. He used to act as a villain in the beginning.

He made his debut as a hero in the movie Bin Bhairavi. But the film Apoorva Ragan became a stepping stone for him to enter cinema. He played the villain to Kamal Haasan in the film.

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A film directed by Bharathiraja at the age of 16 marked a turning point for Rajini, who later acted in several films. He also acted in this film along with Kamal. He has shown his performance in the role of Barattai.

Also many celebrities like Sridevi and Gandhimati also acted in the film. The film became a huge hit. When Kamal acted in the film, he was the leading hero. Rajiniyo was just growing up.

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But Bharathiraja, the director of the film, said with great sadness that Rajini was not taken care of properly in the film. At the age of 16, Kamal was paid 35000 rupees in the film. But only 3000 rupees was discussed for Rajinikanth. I paid 2500 only. He also said that he did not notice Rajini as much as Kamal and Sridevi in ​​the film.

The director doesn’t even know where Rajini stayed. He regretted that he did not notice even that. But Rajiniyo didn’t care about any of this and did his performance very partisanly. Bharathiraja has praised Rajini as he was like that at that time and is the reason why he is in this situation now.

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