EntertainmentThere are many complaints against Karthik... But do you...

There are many complaints against Karthik… But do you know why he got so many film opportunities?


Navarasa hero Karthik was the dream of young women during that period. Not only that, he was also an insatiable sportsman in the film industry. Many people from the film industry have said that many heroines were mesmerized by his charm.



However, filmmakers and directors, who have been participating in many interviews about Karthik recently, can be seen making the same complaint against him. It is said that Karthik will not cooperate properly with the shooting and sometimes he will not come to the shooting and lie down in the room with the door closed.

At this stage, a Neyyar had asked a question to famous actor and producer Chitra Lakshmanan about Karthik. That means “Many producers are saying how Karthik will torture everything. Then how Karthik was traveling in cinema for more than 20 years. He would have turned around if the producers had not given him a chance.



Chitra Lakshmanan replied, “Was Karthik Mattunthan a troublesome actor in Tamil cinema? Aren’t the actors giving trouble now? You know very well how many actors are giving what kind of problems.

But despite all that, if the filmmakers continue to shoot with them, it is because the films of that actor are somewhat successful.

When it comes to a point where the films of such troubled actors are not successful, the producers will definitely drop the actor. After that no one will make a film with that actor.



Such a situation happened to Karthik at one time. A similar situation will surely come to the actors who are giving trouble to the producers today.

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