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There is MI, but it could help more – ComputerTrends Lapózó was published

There is MI, but it could help more – ComputerTrends Lapózó was published


In the article, the online version of the issue of ComputerTrends magazine published on February 14, 2024 can be paged like a newspaper and read in its entirety.

The series of crisis situations and the resulting difficulties, as well as the transformations associated with hybrid work, have caused challenges for IT decision-makers, company managers involved in IT decisions, and all other readers interested in corporate IT in the last few years. That is why our editors decided to make it easier to access the printed issues of ComputerTrends magazine, here is the latest one:

Excerpt from the content:

On our front page: We have MI, but it could help more
One of the keys to the successful application of artificial intelligence is strong data management. There are several obstacles to the correct application of AI, such as the lack of a well-thought-out development strategy, but we can also mention the lack of specialists who understand AI.

12 CES 2024 – Future-shaping AI
From mobility to sustainability to health, from work to entertainment, everything was about artificial intelligence at the technology army review that started the year. CES 2024 illustrated the transformative power of AI with thousands of innovative solutions, but the spotlight was also placed on regulations aimed at safe and ethical application.

14 EdTech Summit – Is AI Displacing Teachers?
The application possibilities of artificial intelligence were presented at the EdTech Summit Hungary exhibition.

18 5G, cloud and robotics in greenhouses
Farmers using available advanced technologies – such as 5G, cloud and fog-based infrastructure, and robotics – can save a lot of energy while increasing their productivity.

22 Cyber ​​Risk Quantification, i.e. the quantification of cyber risks
CRQ is still a little-known concept in Hungary, but before we present the model itself, which is just a tool, let’s take a few steps back and see what this tool can be used for… how can we even call a risk management program “good”?

24 Cisco – Concerns about AI
A fraction of companies are only ready to introduce and exploit artificial intelligence, while more than half of them fear that it will soon have a negative impact on business, Cisco’s survey revealed. One in four organizations prohibits the use of generative AI due to security concerns.

26 Veeam – Attack-resistant data protection
Cyberattacks interrupt the operations of companies most often, yet only a third of them could restore their data in a short time, according to a recent survey by Veeam. To reduce security risks, the supplier has developed a zero trust data protection model.

28 Is the Bitcoin network really decentralized, or is it just what we think?
Bitcoin does not need to be introduced to anyone: the world’s number one cryptocurrency has been playing a decisive role in the financial and tech sector for 15 years, and – although it is often buried – it seems very likely that it will remain with us in the future, just like the Bitcoin network behind it.

30 Driving the oil and gas industry forward with technology
The industry is undergoing transformation, from the exploration of resources to refining to transportation, technology accompanies and assists all processes.

32 IDC – Effervescence in the software market
Spending on artificial intelligence platforms is keeping the European business analytics software market on an upward trajectory, IDC reported. Judging from the analyst’s data, the companies in our region do not spare the money for the Internet of Things and human capital management either.

33 Effects of the Hungarian ESG Act – how it affects domestic businesses
The domestic ESG Act, effective from January 1, 2024, has a major impact on the life of domestic businesses. Those who switch on time can gain an advantage, those who are late are at a huge disadvantage.

34 Large companies are not yet prepared for the new ESG reporting obligation
BDO Hungary’s ESG business department prepared a research with the participation of 9 Central and Eastern European BDO offices on the attitude of companies in the region to sustainability, their initiatives in the field and identifiable obstacles related to ESG.

36 Environmental protection insurance – what do insurance companies cover?
The decree summarizing the rules of environmental protection insurance, affecting nearly 20,000 domestic economic organizations, can result in significant changes and immediate steps in the life of domestic enterprises. Starting this year, the affected companies must take out environmental protection insurance with a minimum insurance amount of 10, and in some cases even 100 million.

37 Fujitsu’s premium category storage is well received by the Hungarian market
Providing an all-in-one solution for backup, archiving, file and object storage, the ETERNUS CS8000 is the most popular in its category on the domestic market.

38 ISE 2024 – A look behind the transparent LED wall
The company solutions presented at the trade fair of professional audiovisual systems and their integrators are not only spectacular, but also intelligent and sustainable. For the anniversary of ISE 2024, Fira de Barcelona Gran Via, which hosts the event, is also dressed in high-tech.

40 Lenovo – Work tools with intelligence
Lenovo presented tools and solutions that support modern work with artificial intelligence at CES 2024. The exhibition premiered, among other things, a mini AI PC, a software hybrid, a carbon-neutral laptop and a display that produces a 3D image visible to the naked eye.

42 Hanna Abdel Hamid: Empowering women in the technology sector
A path to gender equality and innovation.

44 Finding the right job, the right person
Where and how do young people look for a job these days? What aspects are at the top of the demand list? How do companies try to meet employee expectations? The results of the surveys and the experiences of the job fair can help both sides.

47 This is how HR can save time and energy
Every recruiter has probably felt the pressure and accompanying stress of having to solve several high-priority tasks at the same time. The trend shows that HR professionals have more and more to do.

48 Help for hiring Generation Z workforce
Every generation is different from the previous one. By understanding the differences, the most capable young people born between 1997 and 2012 can be successfully found and retained.

49 These degrees are the most sought after on the labor market
Analyzes of university applications are conducted one after the other, which revealed which university graduates currently ask for the highest salary on average and which institutions’ diplomas are in the greatest demand on the labor market.

50 A Hungarian specialist received the Dynatrace Community Rockstar award this year
Once again, Dynatrace held its annual conference in Las Vegas, which was attended by more than 4,000 professionals from all over the world. The Community Rockstar award was presented here, which the Telvice expert could take home.



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