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These 3 HBO Max novelties come to conquer the weekend of April 21 to 23

We tell you what the HBO Max news is this week.

These 3 HBO Max novelties come to conquer the weekend of April 21 to 23
Barry’s fourth season tops the news

He HBO Max catalog continues to grow remarkably for another week. So this week they come three series to stay. The highlight of the week is clearly Barry, one of those comedies that they attract so much attention because all its aspects are very careful. However, he is accompanied by a German series and a documentary on surfing that also have wickers to become productions to take into account.

The three novelties of HBO Max

Headed by Barry, who could be one of the highlights of the first semester, the HBO news has a very clear plan: to sweep through a week in which its rivals have also released very powerful series, such as “Inseparable” on Amazon Prime Video.

It is for this reason that HBO Max says goodbye to call itself Maxwith the aim of being more competitive and bringing even more content.

  • Barry
  • A wave of thirty meters
  • Money, queens of the street

It is worth stopping at each of the series, since all three have something very interesting to contribute.


Barry is a series that, at the very least, can be considered very original. Critics and the public praise her to the point that she has won several Emmy Awards and she has also been nominated for “Golden Globes”. The series puts us in the shoes of a contract killer with a high level of psychopathy. However, during a mission in Los Angeles he realizes that Being a contract killer doesn’t fulfill him as much as being an actor. Thus, he will have to fight to leave behind the world of crime, while he tries to gain a foothold in his new passion. You will really like this series if:

  • You like series with original approaches.
  • Do you want to see one of the best comedies that is currently on the air.
  • You are looking for a series entertaining but also with a good production value.

Watch “Barry” on HBO Max

A wave of thirty meters

Nazaré was a minuscule Fisher’s town located on the portuguese coast. The town received few visitors, but a fundamental figure soon appeared for the world of surfing: Garrett McNamara looking for a gigantic wave. There he found her and Garrett changed the sport forever by riding a 100-foot wave. After that, she strove to transform the small town of Nazaré into something much bigger: one of the main surfing meccas for those looking to ride gigantic waves.

Watch “A Thirty-Meter Wave” on HBO Max

Money, queens of the street

A rather hard series in its approaches. The German production takes us to Berlin-Wedding, one of the most humble neighborhoods but also the most avant-garde from all over Berlin. The neighborhood is a crossroads where many cultures coexist trying to survive as well as they can the adversities that life puts them. In this framework, we will get into the lives of four girls whose main goal is to be happy despite the adversities they have to live.

  • A emotional series that will put our emotions on the surface due to its excellent execution. and its very careful production factor.
  • It is a German series, if you like European productions this is your series.

Watch “Money, Queens of the Street” on HBO Max


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