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These are the apps that cannot be missing from Barack Obama’s iPhone, with some surprises

In a new interview, the former president of the United States reveals some of the apps he uses daily.

These are the apps that cannot be missing from Barack Obama's iPhone, with some surprises
Although he was prohibited from doing so during his term, Barack Obama currently has an iPhone as his personal phone.

Freedom of expression, Artificial Intelligence and the future of the Internet are some of the main topics of the interview that Barack Obama gave to The edge recently. The vision of the former president of the United States regarding these issues is very interesting, but what we found most curious when reading it is that Obama reveals which are some of the apps he uses the most on your mobile phone.

The former American president, who during his term I was prohibited from using iPhonenow you have a model Apple as a personal phone. The interviewer, Nilay Patel, took the opportunity to ask him what the apps you have in your iPhone dock. Obama’s response reveals that Safari is one of them, and you should add some of the ones you use the most, like a pun and another related to your favorite sport.

Word With Friends, among Obama’s favorite apps

The interview given by Barack Obama to The edge included several questions related to the former president’s use of his mobile phone. We remember that, now, Obama has an iPhone as his personal smartphonesomething that was prohibited during his mandate for security reasons. Incredibly, the leader of the US government I used a Blackberry to communicate, a terminal that he was able to abandon when leaving office.

Taking advantage of a more relaxed moment at the end of the interview, Patel asked Obama about the 4 apps you have in the “dock” from your iPhone. The first of them is Safarithe web browser developed by Apple. “I have my text messages, the green box”adds the former president referring to iMessagethe messaging platform also created by the American firm.

The screen of an iPhone

Safari and iMessage are not missing from Obama’s iPhone dock.

In Obama’s words, the “dock” of his iPhone is completed with the email application and the music streaming platform. Seeing that it is usual to use the services developed by Apple, We can imagine that he turns to Mail and Apple Music. Therefore, we know that the bottom of Obama’s iPhone houses the Safari, iMessage, and possibly Mail and Apple Music apps.

The former president of the United States goes further in his response and also comments that there are other apps that you use more than you should. One of them is Words with friendsa game of forming words with the letters available at the bottom with which Obama believes he wastes a lot of time. The other is the nba appwith which the former president uses his NBA League Pass to not miss a single game.

Google Play Store | Words with friends

These two applications They are not in the dock of Obama’s iPhone but, in the president’s own words, They could perfectly be there due to intensive use that makes of them. If you also like games like Words With Friends, you can discover more word games that are worth it. On the other hand, if you like basketball, you have at your disposal Several applications to watch basketball online..

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