HomeAndroid NewsThese Bluetooth headphones with THX sound drop 43% while supplies last

These Bluetooth headphones with THX sound drop 43% while supplies last

Despite being from Razer, these headphones are not made exclusively for gaming

These Bluetooth headphones with THX sound drop 43% while supplies last
The Razer Opus are a great purchase option with a very sober and premium design

Do you want power watch your movies in privacy, play action titles without disturbing anyone at home or sitting down listen to your playlist preferred with great quality? For that I recommend you buy over-ear headphones high level, but for that you have to spend good money on it, until today.

Today is the ideal time to get the Razer Opus with a 43% discount on Amazonor you can choose the model Opus X for half its original price. This is the second generation of this model Only available in black. Its official price was 209.99 euros, but today it drops to 119 euros marked by the Amazon store.

Razer Opus

Buy good Bluetooth headphones almost half the price

Razer Opus

The design is not at all striking, but its materials are resistant to the passage of time

The Razer Opus represent a significant leap for the Razer brandKnown mainly for its gaming peripherals. This model of wireless headphones moves away from the gamer aesthetic to offer a quality listening experience with a more traditional design.

The design of the Razer Opus is very discreet and elegant, with a Mainly plastic construction and synthetic leather covered pads on both the headphones and the headband. The headband features a metal strip inside which provides adequate tension.

One of the most notable features of the Razer Opus is its ability to active noise cancellationwhich allows the user to immerse themselves in their favorite music or podcast without disturbance from the environment. And a great addition, they say THX certifiedwhich ensures high fidelity sound quality.

Razer Opus girl

Its headband adjusts to any head size and can be used for many hours without causing fatigue.

As for the battery, the Razer Opus promises more than 24 hours longwhich makes them ideal for users who spend a lot of time away from home or traveling. His foldable design and the included semi-rigid travel case make it easy to transport and protect. Have 3.5mm Jack port for wired use at specific moments.

Connectivity is also a strong point, with support for High-quality codecs like AAC and aptX. However, one aspect that could be improved is the customization of the equalizer, since users cannot create their own sound settingslimiting yourself to predetermined options.

Razer Opus

Therefore, the Razer Opus is a solid option for those looking for wireless headphones with active noise cancellation, good sound quality, and long battery life. In general terms, they offer a satisfactory experience for most users.

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