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These Custom Space Jam Xbox Controllers Are A Must-Have

Yesterday morning Microsoft announced that it would be releasing a special series of custom Space Jam Xbox wireless controllers. There are three in total, each one representing a different Space Jam-themed design. The release is intended to coincide with the release of the upcoming Space Jam film that hits theaters and HBO Max next month.

Microsoft also worked with Warner Bros. to create a retro beat ’em up game titled after the film, called Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game. Which launches on July 1 as a limited time exclusive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perk. Before being released for everyone on July 15.

The Xbox team was kind enough to send over a special kit that contains all three of these controllers. This allowed us to check them out first-hand, and we though it would be cool to share some photos of everything up close. Keep in mind that all of these controllers will be up for sale in the very near future. July 8 to be specific, and they’ll retail for $69.99. So these aren’t limited one-offs that were made exclusively for press and other people close to the team.

That being said, they won’t be available in a kit like this one. Instead they will be sold separately in their own individual packaging.

These controllers are a Space Jam – Xbox mashup we can get behind

If you’re a big fan of Space Jam, or even just kind of a fan, you’ll appreciate these themed controllers. One is themed after the Tune Squad, the team that LeBron pairs up with in the film. There’s also one themed after the Goon Squad, which is the team the Tune Squad plays against.

The last controller is themed after the Warner 3000 Entertainment Serververse. Now these are the new Xbox wireless controllers, so they have the textured surface on the back of the hand grips and the triggers and bumpers. In addition to the new share button. What’s really cool though is that each controller has a unique design. This includes different colors that pair with each theme, in addition to a unique stamp of the logo for each theme.

For instance, the Serververse controller has the Space Jam logo on the back. Meanwhile, the Tune Squad controller says Tune Squad. This is a pretty neat detail and lets players choose the design they really like the best.

So if you’re a big fan of the Goon Squad, you get a purple and black controller that matches the team’s uniform colors in the film. And the controller says Goon Squad on the back and front.

A couple of additional goodies

The controllers weren’t the only thing in this special kit from the Xbox team. There was also a LeBron action figure playing as his character in the film. This is a bigger action figure, and it talks, offering up a few cool phrases based on the character.

As for the last thing that came in the kit, it was a 12-month membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. That may not seem like anything special but the cool thing is that it’s designed to look like a special basketball player card. Featuring Bugs Bunny as the player. It even comes inside of a card protector.

This in particular I thought was a really cool touch. Because growing up I used to collect basketball cards with my father. And we’d always have those hard plastic protectors for the really special valuable cards.

Overall this was just a really neat kit that Xbox put together. And while you can’t get the Xbox Game Pass in the form of a basketball card, or the kit in general, you can get a 12-month Game pass membership by itself. You also should be able to buy this action figure at some point if it hits stores.

All of that aside, if you like collecting cool and unique gaming gear, make sure to pick these controllers up once they’re available. They’re already up on Amazon and the Microsoft Store as of today, but you can’t actually purchase them until July 8.

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