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These headphones have top sound and noise cancellation at a single price

Up to 40% discount for very complete headphones that you can use to listen to music, play games or watch series without the hassle of cables

Sony quality for less than 80 euros: these headphones have top sound and noise cancellation at a single price
The design is one of the strong points of these headphones, as it makes them very comfortable to use and transport.

It’s been a few months since We analyze the Sony WF-C700Nbut they are the Bluetooth headphones that we still recommend if you want enjoy the quality sony without spending a lot of money. We loved them for the great sound quality they offer, in addition to having active noise cancellationa very comfortable design and up to 20 hours of battery life.

The Sony WF-C700N seemed like a very interesting purchase for its recommended retail price, 129.99 euros, but this is not what you will have to pay for them. And these headphones star discounts of up to 40% in stores like Amazon, The English Court and Media Markt. Specifically, it is normal that you find these Sony headphones around 80 euros, and even less on certain occasions.

Therefore, these Sony WF-C700N are left with a very good quality-price ratio which makes its purchase irrefutable if you want to enjoy the Sony experience for less than 100 euros. Below, and based on our experience, we will tell you why it is worth buying them.

Sony WF-C700N

Sony WF-C700N: Sony quality for less than 80 euros

You will begin to enjoy the first virtue of the Sony WF-C700N when you put them on for the first time, since it is the comfort they offer in use. It must be recognized that the headphones are very well designed, both for their lightness and compact size, as both characteristics mean that you do not even notice them when you are wearing them. Additionally, it is important to mention that the headphones – not the case – have resistance to water drops.

Once you put them on, it’s time to connect them to the device you want to use them with. It can be your mobile phone, your tablet, your computer or even your smart watch, since the Sony WF-C700 have a very wide compatibility. In no case will you have to deal with annoying cables, since we are talking about headphones with Bluetooth connectivity. If you want to control playback more quickly, they have touch controls in the outside area.

Once connected, your only task will be to enjoy the great sound quality that these Sony headphones offer. In our experience, 5 millimeter dynamic drivers offer a clear, powerful audio with a very good balance between the different frequencies. Considering the price you can get them for, the Sony WF-C700N provide a very good listening experience.

Although they are cheap headphones, they do not lack the active noise cancellation. What is this tool for? For completely silence the noise around youThis way it won’t bother you and you can listen to the music without distractions. If you want to participate in conversations without removing your headphones or be aware of what is happening around you, you can enable the transparency modewhich just enhances those external sounds.

Sony WF-C700N

The Sony WF-C700N also achieves good marks in terms of autonomy. You can use them for a few 7 hours straight with noise cancellation, expanding to 15 hours with the case load. If you do not use cancellation, the autonomy will be 10 hours straight and of 20 hours in total with the additional charge of the case. In short, you can use them for several days before charging them again.

There is no doubt that these Sony WF-C700N ensure you a very complete experience In day to day. Take advantage of the usual discounts that they feature in Amazon, in El Corte Inglés and and MediaMarkt and you will get some quality headphones for a unique price.

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