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They are hotter than the heroine!.. They are the cute girl who became famous in one song…

It is surprising to see some incidents happening in the Tamil film world. The villain will perform better than the hero. Otherwise the comedian will intervene. Similarly, the supporting actress would have acted better than the heroine. That means his girlfriend is more beautiful than the heroine. As a result, the supporting actress will not be given a chance to act in subsequent films.

So in many films, actresses who are less beautiful than the heroine are cast as friends. A similar miracle happened in a film released in 2020. Sanjana Natarajan played the lead role in this movie called Jagame Tantram.



There will be an actress more beautiful than her in that film. He is none other. There will be a song Rakita Rakitannu in the film. Check out the song on YouTube if you get a chance.

An actress paired with him as a group dancer would have been more beautiful than Sanjana. He is so cute. Netizens have started searching the web to find out who he is. Only then did I know that her name was Hema Dayal.

Hema dayal

Hema dayal

In the next few minutes, they started an account on his account on Instagram. The number of followers has skyrocketed. Similarly, many channels have started competing and interviewing him on YouTube.

He will get many film opportunities from now on. After that she too will crawl as a heroine and will be amazing. Many producers will be mourning his call sheet. This is the world of cinema. Those who were at the bottom then are now coming forward due to their talent and luck. So this world of cinema is a dream world where you can’t predict who will change and how.

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