EntertainmentThey are in full form!.. Ajith's fans did the...

They are in full form!.. Ajith’s fans did the ultimate incident when the trailer of ‘Varisu’ was released!..


The countdown has started among the fans since the birth of the new year. The news of the release of Varisu and Thadhavu is now taking over the internet. Fans are taking turns showing their strength. There is no day without the news of Varisu and Thadhavu films.


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Every day there is some news. It was only a week ago that the trailer of Thadvu released and sent fans into goosebumps. Similarly, the trailer of Vijay’s Varisu will be released this evening. Ajith talked about in the film Thadvu, ‘What kind of a fool can I get with a boy’? The verse is very trending.

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In response to that, it is expected that Vijay’s dialogue will be present in the trailer of Vaarisu. Meanwhile, the booking is going on for the trailer show of Varisu in Madurai. Vijay fans have booked a theater in Karur to watch the trailer.


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Apart from this, the famous Nagor Dargah in Nagai is having Sandalwood festival and the Ajith fan’s frenzy in that Dargah is surprising everyone. A large LED on the front of the dargah. They are cheering up the fans by putting the poster of the movie Thadvu and the trailer of the movie on the screen. That video is now going viral.

The public is worried about what is going to happen before the release of Varisu and Thadhavu films. And the theater owners are also worried. But they are lamenting in Kodambakkam that Ajith and Vijay’s idleness is the reason why fans are doing this without caring about their own work.

Here is the video: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cm_QtHlMOrn/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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