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they are way above apple

The CEO of Huawei has recently assured that his investments in R&D have paid off, reducing the failure rate of Harmony OS to a minimum and overtaking Apple, who he considers to be neglecting their work.

The CEO of Huawei is clear: they are far above Apple
Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei

In the West it seems that sometimes we have a bad habit of forget Huawei when we talk about the main manufacturers in the market. Its share of this territory may not be as big as it once was, thanks to the loss of Google services (which could end up recovering). That, however, has not stopped them continue to maintain the largest number of active users During the last years.

And in its country of origin, the manufacturer knows that it always stomps. To the extent that, as collected in GizmochinaHuawei CEO Richard Yu has assured that its failure rate is only a fraction of that of Applewhich means that the quality control department is doing an outstanding job.

Reverse a situation with investment

In 2022, the Chinese manufacturer invested the 25.1% of its income in R&D, which has allowed the company to manufacture high-quality smartphones and improve the consumer experience. Huawei, in fact, is focusing on delivering quality products and end users, which the company claims is its number 1 priority above all else.

With the new Huawei P60 and P60 Proas well as with the new foldable Mate X3the company has made it very clear that their quality standards are very high. At the same time, those who have been able to test these devices speak of a very successful user experience, for the most part free of errors and with a very refined Harmony OS.

By contrast, Yu believes that Apple’s latest offerings have been plagued with bugs that have made the iOS experience more uncomfortable, something that they say has to do with adding new features to smartphones. It is clear that Apple must fix these problems to maintain its dominant position in the current market.

In case Huawei brings Google services back and seeing that they continue to make devices that work very well and with a lot of quality, it will be interesting. see what the future holds for the Chinese brand.


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