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They say Thalapathy… Rajini gave the title of superstar to him..!

SuperStar: One thing that has been running rampant in Tamil cinema lately is Superstar. It was said that Vijay is snatching that title from Rajini. But the information is also leaked that Rajini himself snatched it from someone.

At the audio release of Varisu, Sarathkumar said that he is the next superstar after Vijay. Rajini indirectly responded to this at the Jailer audio release which was released at that time to support Vijay.

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The film was a huge hit. After that, the cancellation of the show gave a huge shock to the fans who were eager to see what Vijay would do at the Leo Audio release show.

But even if Vijay talked about being the only superstar at the recent success event, he would have talked about it in some places that it is inevitable that he aspires to the title of superstar. As a result, this controversy continues to intensify.

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Some people hold the title of Vijay Thalapathy. First the title of Ilayathalapati was given to actor Saravanan. Why call Vijay like that when there is a general in politics next. All of Vijay’s titles were criticized like this.

In this case, Kamal Haasan has been given the title of superstar for the first time. In 1978, the poster of the film, Youth Swings, focused on Kamal as a superstar. It is also noteworthy that Rajinikanth was also acting in it. Then there are rumors that Rajini took away that title himself.

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