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They would develop the network of EU digital infrastructures and their security

As an immediate measure, the aim of the recommendation is to improve coordination within the EU.

The European Commission recently presented a proposal to promote the innovation, security and resilience of digital infrastructures and to improve connectivity in order to guarantee the future competitiveness of the European economy.

The Brussels body pointed out in its announcement: the future competitiveness of the European economy depends on advanced digital network infrastructures and services. Fast, secure and widespread connectivity is essential for the application of technologies that lead to the world of the future, such as telemedicine, automated driving, building maintenance or precision agriculture.

The European Commission has presented a so-called white paper entitled “Meeting Europe’s digital infrastructure needs”, which analyzes the challenges that Europe is currently facing in the construction of future connectivity networks. It also outlines possible scenarios for attracting investment, fostering innovation, increasing security and achieving a true Digital Single Market.

And the EU commission’s recommendation on submarine cable infrastructures includes measures at national and EU level to improve the safety and resilience of submarine cables through better coordination within the EU, both in terms of management and funding.

“In order to protect Europe’s network and IT infrastructure, the EU must encourage the construction of strategic undersea cable infrastructures and increase their security and resilience,” they said. They added: based on the recommendation adopted together with the white paper, in the longer term, the establishment of a common EU management system can be considered, as well as the review of the available tools, which aim to better mobilize private investments to support cable projects of European interest.

As an immediate measure, the recommendation aims to improve coordination within the EU, such as the assessment and reduction of security risks, the creation of a cable security toolbox and the simplification of authorization procedures. In addition, to support the follow-up of the recommendation, the European Commission will set up an expert group on submarine cables made up of Member State authorities, they informed.

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