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This apocalyptic movie is one of the highest grossing in history and you can enjoy it on Netflix

With 700 million collected, it is one of the most successful films in the history of the genre.

This apocalyptic movie is one of the highest grossing in history and you can enjoy it on Netflix
This movie caused quite a stir upon its release.

Four years ago China launched a very powerful bet on the global market. A film in which they invested a real savagery of money and which they more than recovered due to the success that was in theaters. So a movie cost 50 million dollars was able to raise 700 million which was a resounding success that framed it in the most successful movie of natural disasters and post apocalyptic Netflix. Over the years he continues to hold this proud position and the truth is that it is worth keeping an eye on him if we are fans of the genre.

The Wandering Earth: An Incredibly Hitting Movie

“Wandering Earth” is a great Netflix sci-fi movie that could be framed in genre of natural disasters and the destruction of the planet. So, according to this movie, the planet is about to collide with Jupiter while traveling through a dying Solar System. Thus, a group of heroes will have to fight against nature to avoid it.

The movie has a very high production value which has gone mainly into some powerful special effects that showed that the world of cinematography in China still has a lot to say. From the Asian giant they are already having enough success with video games and animebut they are also coming up with very interesting blockbusters that have something to contribute to the genre in which they move as is the case of “The Wandering Earth” or “The Wandering Earth”.

In addition, the film seeks to appeal internationally by incorporating actors and plots to represent various countries around the world, including the United States. Yes, in the plot they don’t come out quite right, but little more can be said since we do not want to give you a spoiler like a big house. However, once again an effort is seen on the part of this production to please and reach the general public.

Perhaps the only drawback that can be found is that sometimes it is quite confusing in its execution. There are plenty of “fireworks,” huge explosions, destruction, and memorable moments, but the plot itself sometimes gets lost in the artifice. In addition, it is to be assumed that some issues that are of Asian taste do not quite fit into our Western mentality. This does not mean that the film is difficult to understand, on the contrary, it is quite clear, but it is something that is noticeable in its execution.

You will like the movie a lot if:

  • You love films of destruction and natural disasters from directors like Roland Emmerich (“Armaggedon”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, “2012”…)
  • You are looking for a tape to totally disconnect, to see how the world is destroyed but without many pretensions.
  • Are you looking for one of the best action movies on netflix
  • Are you interested in rescuing a film that not of western production since you want to try other types of cinema.
  • You are a fan of oriental cinema.

Be that as it may, “The Wandering Earth” is a production that is worth following closely since it offers quite a few things that we cannot find in many other films. Thus, we are before a movie that we can watch on netflix and that surely gives us a very interesting plus if we are looking for something different.

See “The Wandering Earth on Netflix”


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