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This app is free for a limited time.

This app is free for a limited time.


This application will allow you to identify dog ​​breeds in a very easy way, with your mobile camera and also for free… For a limited time!

How to easily identify dog ​​breeds with your Android mobile: this app is free for a limited time
With this free app for a limited time, you no longer have to study dog ​​breeds to easily recognize them.

With the rise of smartphones, it is undeniable that they have appeared applications for all types of uses and needs, even those that seem strange or extravagant to us. Obviously, this includes lovers of our furry friends, dogs, who sometimes make it a bit difficult for us to identify them in some races or others easily and with the naked eye, something that mobiles fix at a stroke.

And it is that indeed, between a sea of ​​free apps some very useful and others not so much, we found quite a lot of programs available on the Google Play Store that will allow us point our cameras at a dog to identify its breed in seconds and with very high precision.

This is the case of this app that we present to you today, very simple to cut in terms of interface and utility but taking maximum care of the accuracy of its resultssomething that their more than 100,000 downloads despite being a paid application that normally costs 0.99 euros in the Android app store:

Identify dog ​​breeds (€0.99/free) | Google Play Store

The best thing is that for a limited time you can get it for free forever, so run to Google Play by following this link and get it to have it in your library of apps.

As for the app, its name leaves no doubt about what it intends, since you can find it as “Identify dog ​​breeds” in Play Store both free and paid version with the last name ‘Pro’although For a limited time this version without advertising and with greater functionality you can also get it for free and forever just by downloading it once in the offer period.

You will already be running to the Google app store, but you should know that You need a phone with Android 5.0 or higher versions, and obviously with a functional camera in addition to 1 GB of RAM at least for the application to work correctly.

Regarding its functionality, we will be able to analyze images of dogs taken with the camera or that we have already recorded in the device gallerykeeping the dog inside the circle that we will find to obtain the most accurate prediction possible.

The program has a database of more than 200 breeds (an extended version of the data set from Stanford Dogs), and allows to analyze and detect with enough accuracy even images of dogs with clothes, coats or decorationsallowing us to glimpse the approximate percentage of precision that it detects or if a dog is between two or three breeds which is the most likely at your discretion.

The truth is that it works very well, and also recently updated in early 2023 to adapt it to the latest Android APIs, so there is no excuse for get it for free while the offer lastsHere’s the link again!

Identify dog ​​breeds (€0.99/free) | Google Play Store



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