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This app works like a personal diary to use with your partner.

Discover 100% of your relationship and strengthen the bond with her or him using this shared app.

This app works like a personal diary to use with your partner.
Sharing is living, and with this app for Android and iOS you can strengthen your relationship.

Once you have found your ideal partner, either through some dating app or casually on the street, if you are looking for a special and meaningful way to preserve and share your memories with your partner, I invite you to try the application Tree of Memories. Download it on your mobile device and start building your digital tree of memories today. This mobile application will give you a unique bonding experience.

One of the prominent features of Tree of Memories is the possibility of create a collaborative space for couples. Both of you can join a shared tree where you capture, organize and relive your most precious moments. you can also add photos, videos, notes, and other items to document your story and nurture the emotional connection. The app is available for download, and for freeboth in Google Play Store as in the Apple App Store.

Download ‘Tree of Memories’ (Android)

Download ‘Tree of Memories’ (iOS)

why use Tree of Memories with your partner is a good option

Tree of Memories app

If you are in a couple, I recommend you download this app and share it to get a greater bond.

The app offers a variety of functions designed especially for couples. Here are some of the main features that you can enjoy:

  • Share moments: Tree of Memories Allows you to share memories privately between the couple. You can upload photos of special situations, such as dates, trips, anniversaries, celebrations and much more. Similarly, descriptions and tags can be added to make it easier to find and relive those moments.
  • Comments and reactions: it is possible to interact and communicate through comments and reactions in each of the memories shared. With this you can express your feelings, relive the emotion of those moments together and strengthen the emotional connection.
  • joint reminders: The application offers the option of setting joint reminders so that you both remember important moments or relevant dates in the relationship. This helps you stay connected and engaged with your shared history.
  • Collaboration in the construction of the tree: Both of you can actively contribute to the construction and organization of the memory tree. it’s possible add new entries, organize existing ones and create a joint narrative of your love story. This encourages collaboration and teamwork in the relationship.
  • Privacy & Security: Tree of Memories guarantees the privacy and security of all users. You can rest easy knowing that all shared moments are protected and They are only accessible to the two of you.
  • tree customization: You can also customize the appearance of the memory tree according to your tastes and preferences. The app offers a variety of themes, backgrounds and styles so that the tree reflects your relationship in a unique and special way. You can use your favorite colors if that way you feel more identified.

Download ‘Tree of Memories’ (Android)

Download ‘Tree of Memories’ (iOS)

tree memories couple

A couple is like a tree, if you don’t take care of it, give it love and live day by day, it won’t be able to survive.

Tree of Memories is an application that allows couples to build a stronger bond. It gives them the opportunity to revive and celebrate special moments together of their relationship, strengthening their emotional connection and creating a shared legacy. But if you don’t have a partner yet, you can try meet new people easily with any app.


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