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This beautiful Marshall Bluetooth speaker has impressive sound and up to 120 euros discount

Enjoy your favorite music with the best sound quality by getting this excellent Marshall speaker for much less money.

This beautiful Marshall Bluetooth speaker has impressive sound and up to 120 euros discount
The design of this Marshall speaker that we recommend is beautiful, it will look good wherever you place it

Marshall is one of the manufacturers you can trust if you want to buy audio devices. On this occasion we want recommend the Marshall Stanmore IIone of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy for home. This model will conquer you first of all its beautiful design to later end up falling in love with him excellent sound quality and customization available through the mobile app.

This Marshall Stanmore II is one of the wireless speakers top rated on Amazonwhere he accumulates a average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars by those who have already tried it. Here, on Amazon, you will find another of the great reasons why it is worth buying the Marshall Stanmore II, their great discounts. And the speaker has an original price of 369 euros, but the normal thing is that On Amazon you can buy it for between 250 and 280 euros.

Analyzing the price history of the Marshall Stanmore II on Amazon, we see that it can have up to 120 euros discount. Therefore, in addition to getting an excellent quality speaker for your home, you can also save a significant sum of money on your purchase. There is no doubt, if you want to enjoy your favorite music at home, this Marshall speaker is a perfect choice.

Marshal Stanmore II

Marshall Stanmore II, an excellent speaker with great discounts

The Marshall Stanmore II is a speaker with a beautiful retro design that will be perfect wherever you place it. In fact, the originality of its aesthetics also means that serve as a decoration element. The combination between the black of the synthetic leather exterior and the gold of the details is really elegant. In addition, it is not an excessively large speaker, so it will not be difficult for you to find a place for it.

The Marshall Stanmore II team is made up of 1 50 watt amplifier Class D for the subwoofer and 2 15 watt amplifiers class D for tweeters, being compatible with SBC + aptX codecs. Theory aside, in practice this speaker offers a excellent audio quality both for sharpness and for the care of the different powers.

Top of the Marshall Stanmore II

You can modify the treble and bass with these drivers

The Marshall Stanmore II is a speaker with which you can listen to your favorite songs in studio quality. In addition, it has plenty of power, so you can also enjoy them at maximum volume. If you want to customize the audio to boost bass or trebleYou can do it directly from the physical controllers located on top.

Another feature that works in this speaker’s favor is that it is very easy to send audio to it. You just have to connect it to another device through the Bluetooth connectivitywhether it is your mobile phone, your computer, your tablet… Keep in mind that the speaker can be connected to 2 different devices at the same timeThis way you can send music between several people. In addition, the connection can also be made using the 3.5 millimeter port and the RCA input.

Marshal Stanmore II

If you plan to use the Marshall Stanmore II primarily with your mobile phone via Bluetooth, take advantage and download the Marshall app. With it you can turn on the speaker, put it in standby mode, customize the sound experience and even modify the intensity of LED lights Of the device.

In short, the Marshall Stanmore II is a speaker that offers you a unique design and impressive audio quality. It can be very useful for enjoy music and podcast at home, and also at parties and meetings with friends. To all this we must add that it stars discounts of up to 120 euros on Amazon frequently, allowing you to buy it much cheaper. If you are subscribed to Amazon PrimeYou will receive it at home in a very short time.

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