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This brand has transformed the controversial FineWoven iPhone cases into the most luxurious leather cases

Apple abandoned leather, presenting its FineWoven and this has caused a luxury company to decide to launch its own version with crocodile or calfskin.

This brand has transformed the controversial FineWoven iPhone cases into the most luxurious leather cases
Apple’s FineWoven covers now have a luxury version whose price is not designed for all budgets

Pay more than $2,000 for an iPhone case It may seem crazy, but there are always people willing to do it. Caviar, a luxury products and accessories company, has decided transform Apple’s criticized FineWoven cases into an accessory that uses leather of animals of all kinds and that, unfortunately, eliminates Apple’s efforts to help sustainability.

The context of these cases is somewhat complex, Apple within the framework of the Master lecture “Passion for wonders” announced that leather cases were eliminated from its catalog. This move was received with applause by some users, while others criticized the company. Logically, Apple presented a substitute called FinwWoven which uses what the Cupertino company calls “microtwill” as a fabric.

Apple’s FineWoven cases are now leather and start at $1,000

The official Apple accessory does not have a cheap price, the Each FineWoven cover costs 69 euros It represents an expense that not many users want to make. But the substantial leap involved in reaching the $1,130 that marks the label of the cheapest Caviar case It is prohibitive.

What’s so special about Caviar’s new FineWoven covers? First of all, They use original Apple cases. Yes, what they do is change the material that the Cupertino company uses and add their own finishes, in addition to modifying the button panel of these cases.

On the Caviar page you can see that The volume controls on their covers are made of titaniumin addition to using different types of leather that come from animals such as crocodile or calf. All covers are embossed with the Caviar logo in 24 karat gold and, of course, they are limited editions of 999 pieces.

It is a luxury product with all the letterscomplying with all the characteristics to be one such as exclusivity, premium materials and whose manufacturing is limited to a specific number of units.

These covers may They don’t make much sense on a practical level. because its price is similar to that of a iPhone 15but they are a symbol of power for some people.

The most curious thing about this is that because Apple has decided to eliminate leather from its catalog, now a company has taken over, giving a twist to the matter and getting its FineWoven covers now have a luxurious version.

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