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This classic HBO miniseries will put your heart in a fist during Easter

This is one of those series that yes or yes you have to see at least once in your life.

This classic HBO miniseries will put your heart in a fist during Easter
HBO Max has one of the best series ever made

Now that we are in Easter, it is the perfect time to enjoy the rest it offers, sit on the sofa for a while and watch a series or movie that we have pending. He HBO Max content It is one of the brightest we have in Spain. A large number of the best series in history is on that platform. Today we are going to talk about one of them, one of the best finished series and that we can see each other in a couple of days since it only has ten chapters. We are talking about the war drama “Blood Brothers”.

Blood brothers, the series that changed the paradigm of war cinema

Along with “Saving Private Ryan”, the “Blood Brothers” series was a true revolution within the military genre that had been anchored in the same tropes and forms since the 70s and 80s. It is possibly one of the best series ever and has been considered as such since its inception. With Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg as producersthe series takes us to the final years of World War II.

But it’s a World War II history very realistic, stark and painful. A choral history of “Easy Company” of the 101st Airborne Division which fell on the German rear in the Normandy campaign. We follow in the footsteps of these soldiers from their training at Camp “Currahee” to their final campaign in Germany and Austria. Passing, of course, through Normandy, the Market Garden operation and the Ardennes. all through the eyes of its protagonistsbeing seen from a human perspective, with their mistakes and successes and moving away from more exaggerated propaganda claims.

On the other hand, it is based on the memories of the Colonel Richard Winters, who wrote the story of his time in World War II and whose character is one of the most central to the plot. At the level of historicity it is quite good, the recreations of both weapons and equipment are very good and it has testimonials of the protagonists at the beginning of each chapter. This gives it a layer of historical value that allows us to learn about the bloodiest conflict in history hand in hand with those who had to suffer the horror in their own flesh. Therefore, it is a series to take into account.

The series has one of the best ratings ever. It has swept sales and both critically and publicly and has a spiritual sequel set on the Pacific front called “The Pacific” and which was released just a few years later.

In summary, “Blood Brothers” you will like it if:

  • You like military history or military-themed movies.
  • You are a fan of dramas, as it also has a strong dramatic component.
  • Are you looking for something very similar to “Saving Private Ryan”.
  • You like choral dramas, with multiple characters with different and well-marked personalities.

This series is available on HBO Max and is possibly one of the best ever. It is also a miniseries, which allows us to see it in its entirety during Holy Week.

Watch “Blood Brothers” on HBO


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