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This could be Xiaomi’s Keyboard Cover for the Mi Pad 5

In May this year, we first learned that Xiaomi was working on a trio of high-end Android tablets. At the time, we found several references to devices code-named “nabu”, “enuma”, and “elish” in the decompiled code of multiple MIUI 12.5 system apps. We also saw that all three of the code names were referenced in methods such as “isPad,” suggesting that certain MIUI apps would show select features on tablets. Furthermore, we found a new settings page in an alpha version of the MIUI Home app demoing system navigation on tablets. While Xiaomi is yet to share any details about these tablets, leaked images of an Apple Magic Keyboard-like accessory for the tablets have now surfaced online.

The following images come from a certification listing on the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) website (via MySmartPrice). They showcase what could be a keyboard accessory for the upcoming Xiaomi tablets. As you can see, the accessory looks a lot like Apple’s Magic Keyboard. It has a similar-looking hinge and a square cutout on the top panel for the camera module. But the hinge doesn’t have a floating design and only two tilt angles.

The keyboard accessory also lacks a trackpad, it has a slightly more cramped keyboard layout, and it features a dedicated cutout to hold a stylus. In addition, Xiaomi’s keyboard accessory won’t connect to the tablet wirelessly. Instead, it has a proprietary connector built right on top of the stylus cutout. At the moment, we’re not sure which of the three tablets will support the keyboard accessory.

Xiaomi is expected to unveil the new tablet lineup in China later this year in August. The tablets could feature a standard 16:10 aspect ratio 120Hz IPS display, a Snapdragon 8-series chipset, and an 8,720mAh battery. We’ll update this post with additional details as soon as we learn more.

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