Android NewsThis gadget that transforms your TV in seconds, today...

This gadget that transforms your TV in seconds, today only costs 51 euros


Amazon has the best price for the most powerful and popular TV stick from the Chinese manufacturer.

This gadget that transforms your TV in seconds, today only costs 51 euros
This realme TV stick with 4K resolution allows all Dolby Vision and HDR10+ content on the market.

if first hit Amazon with its Fire TVs In the TV stick market, Xiaomi and Realme are now the ones that catch up with the most top with their stick TV in 4K latest generation and integrated Android TV. Today you can get the realme model for only 51 euro when its official price is 69.99 euros. We have found the best price in AliExpress, because in stores like the official you have it for 69.99 euros and in Amazon You find it for 54.90 euros with a coupon included.

This is one of the gadgets that we recommend the most if your smart TV has a non-Android system or it is not as advanced in apps and functionalities as the most modern ones. With the realme TV Stick 4K you can have all possibilities offered by Android TVsuch as installing .APK files not available on the Google Play Store or enjoying other system customization features on your TV.

realme TV Stick 4K

Buy the most powerful Xiaomi 4K TV Stick for 50 euros

realme TV Stick 4K

The realme TV Stick 4K comes to make things difficult for Amazon and Xiaomi.

Google TV It is the system that you will find once you turn on your realme TV Stick 4K on your television. It is Google’s own personalization layer that runs on android tv 11. You can take this tiny little device wherever you want, because you can connect it to any television or projector worth its salt and has a free HDMI port. This TV stick is compatible with the HDMI 2.0 standard, so can run in 4K at 60fps and display all content in HDR10+ available.

Android TV and Google TV will allow you to install all kinds of apps compatible with Android and thus test games and apps to your liking. With its quad-core ARM Cortex-A35 processor and its 2GB of RAM you will have more than enough to move all 4K content seamlessly and fluidly. Also has 8 GB of internal memorymore than enough for the apps that are usually installed on this type of device.

Between the Realme and Xiaomi Stick TV 4K there are hardly any differences.

You can have apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, Twitch or any other available in the Google Play Store. By having Google TV we will also have Google Assistant as support to find that movie or series you are looking for using your voice or an app or book that you need to find. Chromecast is built in Also, to be able to share the screen of your smartphone or tablet on TV in seconds.

realme TV Stick 4K

we have connectivity Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 to connect a bluetooth controller to playsome wireless headphones to listen to your music or series in privacy or a keyboard to navigate more quickly on your Google TV. In the remote that accompanies this realme TV Stick 4K we have direct access to apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video or YouTube Music, as well as volume, navigation, Home, settings, back and Google Assistant buttons. A small microphone is also built into the remote.

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