Android NewsThis Google app has already been downloaded a billion...

This Google app has already been downloaded a billion times


Google One is the latest application to join the top of the most downloaded apps on Google Play, after reaching 1 billion installations.

This Google app has already been downloaded a billion times
The Google One app on an Android smartphone

Another Google application has just overcome the barrier of 1 billion installs via Play Storethus adding to the list of most downloaded apps ever.

In this case, we talk about Google Onethe app that allows manage cloud storage and access additional services for all those who have a Google account.

Google One joins the top of Google’s most downloaded apps

In its early days, Google One it only offered access to different Google Drive subscription modalities to allow you to purchase cloud storage on the Google platform through a monthly payment.

However, as time went by, new features were added, and today it is an almost essential tool for anyone with a Google account, as it offers features such as help from google support wave option to create and manage full backups of our Android devices so as not to lose any data when changing mobile phones. From time to time, in addition, Google One offers exclusive benefits for subscribersranging from new options in Google Photos, to gifts like Google Home Mini speakers.

The arrival of more and more functions has driven the growth of the app in recent years, until it ended surpassing 1,000 million downloads through Google Play. It is also necessary to mention that Google One is not one of the pre-installed apps on Pixel devices and all other Android devices, which makes the feat has even more merit.

This “top” already includes other applications such as Google Docs, the Translator app or Google Lens. The vast majority of apps with more than 1 billion downloads on Google Play have been developed by Google, with the exception of a few owned by Meta. Until just over three years ago, only 25 apps had managed to overcome the barrier of 1,000 million installations.

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