Android Newsthis hard drive is the bargain of the day

this hard drive is the bargain of the day


The GB comes out to about five euro cents.

480 GB for less than 20 euros: this hard drive is the bargain of the day
Kingston A400: a reliable and fast hard drive at a beastly price

The arrival of Miravia our country is leaving behind some championship bargains, and if not, look at the tremendous bargain with which we have come across today. This is a Kingston SSD hard drive with capacity for almost medium TB whose price has fallen under 20 euros for the first time in history, in fact, if you go to amazon there you have it for almost 35 euros.

Available right now with a direct discount that places it at 25 euros, it is possible to further cut the price thanks to the Miravia welcome couponwhich offers us an additional “snip” of the 30%. This way you will only pay 18 euro by an SSD hard drive that usually exceeds 40.

Kingston A400 SSD Hard Drive (480 GB)

Get the lowest price in Miravia

As we said, the key to unlocking this minimum amount is through the use of the special welcome coupon. The easiest thing is that you download the Miravia app or that you register in their website and from there you collect this 30% coupon (you will see it very large on the main screen). Then you add the product to the basket and that’s it. impossible easier.

Besides, beyond the chollazo, as the hard drive goes from 10 euros you will not have to pay shipping costsbeing able to return it too up to 30 days later of having received it. In addition, the product comes from one of the most reputable sellers of the e-commerce and has 54 ratingsall of them from five stars.

Brand new blister product, very fast shipping and unbeatable price. Highly recommended. The SSD gives a new life to the laptop.

Remember that SSD hard drives are not restricted to laptops as it is possible put a casing on them (they are bought separately from 15 euros) and thus convert them into external memory drives. For the rest, the Kingston unit offered here, apart from having 480GB of storage at your beck and call, offers read and write speeds of up to 500MB/s and 450MB/s, respectively. It is up to 10 times faster than traditional HDDs, so if you want it for your PC, it will increase its performance and responsiveness, significantly improving its boot, reading, and writing speed.

Kingston A400 SSD Hard Drive (480GB)

If you have any doubts, all you have to do is read the product reviews, which are immensely positive in absolutely all online stores, Miravia included. Trust us, a External SSD is very worth it.

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