Home Latest Feeds Technology News This Hisense 55-inch Class A76K Series QLED 4K UHD Smart Google TV is now just $250

This Hisense 55-inch Class A76K Series QLED 4K UHD Smart Google TV is now just $250

This Hisense 55-inch Class A76K Series QLED 4K UHD Smart Google TV is now just $250



Hisense A76K Series 4K QLED TV

$250 $320 Save $70

This is one of the best deals you’re going to find on a fantastic smart TV. This Hisense model delivers when it comes to picture quality and also has a wealth of smart features thanks to support for Google TV. You can now grab this model for its lowest price for a limited time.

If you’ve been looking to buy a new TV, chances are, you’ve probably seen the sheer numbers of options available, which to be honest, can be a bit overwhelming. While the amount of choices can make things confusing, there’s also a huge upside to the situation here, with plenty of great TVs that are packed with features and come in with affordable prices.


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With that said, you can now score this 55-inch Hisense smart TV for a fantastic price, with a new discount that knocks $70 off. Not only does this bring the price down to just $249.99, but it also makes it the lowest price we’ve seen on this TV. So if you’ve been thinking about buying one, now’s going to be the perfect time.

What’s great about this Hisense 55-inch A76K series QLED TV?

What makes this TV stand out from the pack, is its visual quality. The TV’s QLED technology can produce accurate and brighter colors and its 4K resolution ensures that your content will look crisp. Furthermore, the TV also supports Dolby Vision and HDR10, and it can make older TV shows and movies look great thanks to Hisense’s AI UHD upscaling technology.

In addition to the great hardware, this TV also packs quite a punch with its software, thanks to it being powered by Google TV. This means you get a fluid menu system, lots of smart features, and easy access to all our favorite streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and others.

You can also easily share content from your mobile devices to the TV with built-in Chromecast, and you’ll have voice control of your smart home devices, as the TV can act as a smart home hub if needed. As an added perk, Google Assistant can also be used to control the TV, making it super simple to just sit down and watch your favorite shoes.

Why buy this Hisense 55-inch A76K series QLED TV?

The Hisense 55-inch A76K series TV delivers when it comes to value and quality. The QLED technology is going to offer great visuals and support from Google TV is going to ensure that your TV runs silky smooth for years to come with its fantastic menu system and reliable updates.

Of course, the real cherry on top here is the price, as this 55-inch model can be had for just $249.99 with its current discount. So if you’ve been looking to replace your current TV or just needed to add another one to your home or office, this is going to be a perfect option that won’t break the bank. Also, if it’s been a while since your last TV purchase, don’t forget to pick up some new HDMI cables as they can really make a difference.



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