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This innovation gives new impetus to green IT efforts

The development enables a more accurate assessment of the energy demand of data centers, drawing up action plans based on this, and also supports compliance with legal requirements through up-to-date data.

New, model-based, automated sustainability reporting features are being added to Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure IT data center infrastructure management software (DCIM). The new addition is the result of three years of strategic investment and rigorous testing and development as part of Schneider Electric’s “Green IT” program under the direction of Elizabeth Hackenson, the company’s CIO.

New and improved reporting features will be available to all EcoStruxure IT users in April. The fresh modules combine Schneider Electric’s 20 years of experience in sustainability, regulation, data center and software development with advanced machine learning. Through this future-shaping innovation, organizations can access new reporting options that previously required in-depth knowledge of manual data processing methods.

Unlike all other solutions available on the market, the new development provides users with a fast, intuitive and easy-to-use reporting engine that helps to comply with legal requirements, including the European Union’s Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). As the EED requires data center owners and operators to report energy consumption for facilities with an installed IT capacity of over 500 kW from May 2024, access to real-time, accurate data becomes even more important for many companies. With the introduction of EcoStruxure IT’s new, artificial intelligence-supported data display and reporting options, the information necessary to meet legal requirements is quickly available.

However, the new capabilities of Schneider Electric’s solution go far beyond producing the metrics required by EED. EcoStruxure software enables owners and operators to measure and report data center performance based on historical data and trend analysis, combining artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities with real-time monitoring. With the new download function, organizations can quickly quantify energy consumption and create a report with the press of a button – thus eliminating tedious manual operations, they can use the power of data faster and easier to reduce the environmental impact of data centers.

“Over the past three years, we have increased our investments in order to develop new software functions that make it faster and easier for our customers to operate a flexible, secure and sustainable IT infrastructure. The new reporting functions of EcoStruxure IT have been tested, implemented and based on our experience in our own company it can be said that they enable our customers to transform complex data into useful information and report on the most important sustainability metrics,” said Kevin Brown, vice president of EcoStruxure IT at Schneider Electric.

The new era of green IT

In 2021, Schneider Electric published its “Schneider Sustainability Impact” (SSI), which summarized the company’s sustainability commitments. In line with the goals set out in SSI, the company’s IT director, Elizabeth Hackenson, launched the company’s “Green IT” program, in the framework of which they are looking for new and forward-looking methods of decarbonization in order to reduce the emissions related to IT operations by at least 5 percent annually.

During the program, Schneider Electric will also use EcoStruxure’s IT software, which has been deployed at more than 140 key sites worldwide to improve the flexibility and security of IT operations. Through the “Green IT” initiative, it became clear that the new capabilities of EcoStruxure IT could also be leveraged for greater sustainability, allowing Schneider Electric to dramatically improve the transparency of IT energy consumption. Using information provided by EcoStruxure IT, the company’s smart factory in Lexington, Kentucky, achieved a 30 percent reduction in energy consumption in the second half of 2023 compared to the previous half.

“When striving to reduce IT and data center energy consumption and CO2 emissions, companies must rely on factual data, for which access to real-time and historical information is essential. By using EcoStruxure IT, we have made significant progress in our mission to reduce IT energy consumption and environmental impact , as well as the company’s sustainability goals. We are now making these benefits easily available to our customers worldwide,” said Elizabeth Hackenson, CIO of Schneider Electric.

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