Technology NewsThis is how SMP Solutions' smart office project turned...

This is how SMP Solutions’ smart office project turned out


Smart office building services improve the utilization of buildings, reduce their emissions, but can also support working from home.

SMP Solutions’ smart office project worth more than HUF 485 million has been completed. The company received HUF 297 million in non-refundable support from the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NKFI Office) for development.

In the framework of the project, among other things, mobile navigation to help with orientation, a guest reception and parking support application, a solution to support meeting and asset management, facility management, and reporting functions were created. Intelligent office building services improve the utilization of buildings, reduce their emissions, but can also support working from home, they wrote.

According to the announcement, SMP Solutions works on solutions to IT, banking and security technical challenges. The NKFI Office reported on their support in December 2020 in the announcement of the results of the market-driven research, development and innovation tenders. According to a report published on the company’s website, the project was planned to be completed at the end of August.

Based on its latest report, the Budapest company achieved a turnover of more than HUF 35 billion in 2020 and HUF 58 billion in 2021. Their foreign sales were significant, around HUF 10 billion in both years, while their profits increased from HUF 3 billion to HUF 4.35 billion.

Software Products and Services

Application integration: The integration of the systems used for the operation of the office building and the IT systems of the company ensures their mutual communication and cooperation. Information and rules across systems enable more efficient building utilization and provide a modern working experience for employees and customers.

Mobile navigation: The floor plan-based mobile navigation, which aids orientation, makes it possible to find colleagues’ workstations, meeting rooms and other important places, and to navigate to them.

Reception: The automatic entry of partners and guests working temporarily in the office and the granting of appropriate authorizations is achieved through the integration of specialist systems and the development of automated processes.

Parking subsidy: Implements efficient, dynamic space allocation, in addition to which the occupancy status can also be displayed. It enhances the user experience with license plate recognition and displaying the optimal route to the parking space.

Negotiation management: Mobile application supports more efficient use of meeting rooms.

Asset management: The location-based query of office equipment becomes available, and the solution also sends a warning if they are taken out of the office.

Facilities management: Request and error notification through the mobile application helps with building operation adjusted to the utilization by specifying the exact location and attaching photos.

Support of HR activities: The function supports the entry and exit processes of employees by guiding them to the location. The schedule of office and home work also becomes manageable.

Reporting and analysis functions: Collects and analyzes data from the operation of the building, which facilitates more efficient operation and future planning.

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