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This is how you can apply for support for your company to purchase a purely electric vehicle

In the REPowerEU program, the state provides support for the purchase of nearly 10,000 EVs from the EU framework.

At the end of last year, the news came that our country a As part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan a Within the framework of the REPowerEU program, it will announce a tender for the purchase of purely electric cars. The specific details of the announcement, which at that time only indicated the outlines and the budget of the tender, were made public last week on Friday.

You can apply for subsidies for the purchase of electric passenger cars, minibuses, or vans up to HUF 30 billion from February 5. Budapest companies can apply for a total of HUF 10.8 billion in support, while rural companies are eligible for HUF 19.2 million. A total of 9,375 requests nationwide can be supported in the program.

The Ministry of Energy issued a announcement in relation to the final call, which contains several important clauses related to the application process. Among other things, it also states that only commercial companies can participate in this tender, HUF 2.8-4 million can be used for the purchase of a vehicle, and that the tender will be open for 13 months from February 5, or until the available funds are exhausted.

The financial background of the application is provided by the loan part of the national Recovery Plan, as stipulated in the REPowerEU chapter, which includes the necessary measures and planned investments. The plan developed by the Ministry of Energy was approved by the EU at the beginning of last December. In its announcement, the ministry also mentions that at the end of 2023, the first transfer from Brussels worth nearly HUF 300 billion has already arrived.

Although the details of this have not yet been made public, the document also notes that, in accordance with the previous announcement, the government will launch a program to expand the charging network from the REPowerEU framework.

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