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This is how you increase security in Cisco clouds

The company buys a company called Isovalent.

According to Cisco, the goal is to create unique, multi-cloud security and networking capabilities that enable customers to have visibility into security controls across a distributed environment of applications, virtual machines, containers and cloud devices.

The networking giant recently announced plans to acquire Isovalent to help address complex cloud-based security and networking challenges and strengthen the Cisco Security Cloud platform. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Isovalent has raised a total of $69 million in funding from investors that include Cisco and other tech big guns, including M12 (Microsoft’s venture fund), Grafana Labs and Google, according to market research firm PitchBook. The deal is expected to close by April 27, 2024.

Founded in 2017, Isovalent was created by the creators of Cilium, an open source, cloud-based security software that can also be used to monitor the network connection between workloads. The company also made significant contributions to the open source eBPF observability platform, which Cisco calls the ideal interface for building systems that can protect workloads while they are running.

“Cisco and Isovalent will build on the open source power of Cilium to create a truly unique multi-cloud security and networking capability that will help customers simplify and accelerate their digital transformation journey,” said Jeetu Patel, managing director of Cisco’s Security and Collaboration Division. vice president and general manager in the announcement.

“Imagine that in today’s distributed environment – applications, virtual machines, containers and cloud devices – security controls have complete transparency without hindering network and application performance. The combination of the two companies makes this a reality,” he added. The acquired company recently introduced new products, including Cilium Mesh, which easily connects Kubernetes clusters across hybrid clouds. Also featured was Tetragon, an eBPF-based security solution that provides visibility and enforces runtime behavior within the application and network, as well as larger distributions of Isovalent Enterprise, Cilium, and Tetragon. Cisco said it plans to put more money behind the open-source foundation than the company it bought started with and pledged additional funding to eBPF, Cilium, Tetragon and the open-source environment.

“Cisco is committed to nurturing, investing in, and contributing to the eBPF and Cilium open source communities,” Stephen Augustus, the networking giant’s head of open source services, said in a statement. “The Isovalent team joins Cisco’s deep-rooted open source governance and technical leadership team to solve cloud, security and networking challenges. Their expertise will accelerate innovation across the enterprise and help further strengthen Cisco’s Security Cloud platform to meet our customers’ needs.” growing needs.”

Isovalent is a privately held company headquartered in Mountain View, California with offices worldwide. Its technology is used by many companies, including Bell Canada, Amazon Web Services, Google, Adobe and Datadog. The company has more than 150 employees, according to LinkedIn. The acquisition is Cisco’s eleventh acquisition this year. This follows the announcement three months ago that it was acquiring Splunk, another security and visibility platform.

It’s part of Cisco Security Cloud’s larger cloud security strategy, which the company has developed to provide customers with an AI and cloud-based integrated security platform for companies of all sizes, they said. Cisco Security Cloud allows you to abstract security controls from your multi-cloud infrastructure. It also provides advanced threat protection across any cloud, application or workload, Cisco said.

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