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This is not right.. Vijay predicted before the release.. Lokesh’s account is a slip..! You may have heard the speech..!

Leo Movie: Vijay fans are very angry with Lokesh Kanagaraj due to an information that has been released while there is still a lot of controversies in Leo movie which is released by Vijay.

Leo was a movie starring Vijay, Trisha, Arjun, Sanjay Dutt and Madonna Sebastian. The film was directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. It was produced by Lalith Kumar on behalf of Seven Screen Studios. Anirudh composed the music for the film.

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From the first announcement of the film to the release of the collection, everything is going to be a problem. It is a special audio release program for Vijay’s film. Fans are more upset because that too is not in it.

The film had huge expectations. Lokesh was not able to fulfill those expectations and the film also came under criticism. Many people are saying that the flashback of Leo Das is not good. Even the first half is okay.

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The second part is almost as crude. Many criticized that some places are still dragging. Some did not direct Lokesh in the second part. There were even talks that Ratnakumar was the director.

In this case, Vijay did not like the second half of the information that is currently being leaked. Many places require editing. Vijay has asked the editor to fix it. But Lokesh no no everything is fine. He said that it can be released as it is. He is now being criticized for listening to the speech.

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