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This is the date of the mass deletion of inactive accounts

Here’s what you can do to prevent Google from deleting your account starting in December of this year

Google keeps its promise: this is the date of the mass deletion of inactive accounts
Google will delete users’ inactive accounts starting on the following date – here’s what you can do to prevent it.

Google will delete your account if you do not meet a series of requirements. The Mountain View company announced that it would take action towards user accounts that were inactive and, now, has indicated the date on which the mass deletion of profiles will begin. The reason behind this decision is to free up space on their servers.

The date is approaching and, luckily, it will be easy prevent Google from deleting your account. Logically, this measure will not affect anyone who has an active account that is in use at all times. In fact, The measure is designed for those people who do not use their profiles in Google services.

Google will delete your account in December if you do not meet these requirements

The problem of mass deletion of Google accounts is found in those profiles that, although unused, store valuable information. Usually, All of these accounts remain inactive because they serve as a vault that safeguards any type of information..

Google does not care what type of use you give to this account that is inactive, it only wants to know if it is being used or not and, if not, What you are looking for is to eliminate it completely to free up space that could be used by other users.

This time, Google It will completely eliminate everything found inside the account as well as its address, which will make its recovery impossible. In fact, When trying to log in, what will appear is a message that the account does not exist.

What can you do to stop Google from deleting your account? The solution is really simple: use it. Just use any of the inactive accounts so that Google does not eliminate them completely, performing any of the following actions:

  • Watch a video on YouTube.
  • Read, reply to or create an email.
  • Upload, download or delete a file from Google Drive.
  • Search, consult or navigate with the search engine and with the session started
  • Sign in to third-party apps with your Google account.

Of course, all this is unnecessary in case the inactive account you want to save has uploaded a video to YouTube. All inactive accounts with videos uploaded to YouTube will be spared deletionat least, in this first cleaning round by Google.

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