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This is the first thing Vijayakanth does when he gets angry! The captain surprised the famous producer

Actor Vijayakanth: Actor Vijayakanth is a famous actor in Tamil cinema. Today the entire Tamil Nadu is deeply saddened by his demise. Although he had been ill for some years, no one could accept that he was gone today.

Vijayakanth was the most suitable actor for the name Karuppu MGR. Captain came to this film industry as an ardent fan of MGR. He took many of the things he did.

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Vijayakanth was an actor who got the total love of the people as he helped the poor and the needy and fed those who came to him. In this situation, the famous film producer K. Rajan gave an information about Vijayakanth.

During a meeting in the council, Vijayakanth used very inappropriate words against K. Rajan. It immediately became bigger and K. Rajan gave an interview and it became a big news the next day.

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Immediately, Vijayakanth called Radharavi, ‘Brother, why did you give all these interviews and become bigger? Tell me to come home’ he said. According to that, K. Rajan immediately went to Captain’s house and brought buttermilk to him.

Then both talked and apologized and reconciled. They say that where there is anger, there is healing. K. Rajan said that it was a lot for the captain.

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