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This is the only way companies can overcome difficulties

Problems may arise not only in their own operations, they may also be affected by payment and other market difficulties with their partners and customers.

Companies can survive even in difficult situations by planning and looking for new markets, according to the analysis of czödvédelm.hu.

According to the announcement, the development of the market situation can present many challenges to companies, and it is best to change the operation when there is no problem, but the business is already stalling: this can be a sign if the entrepreneur cannot pay his suppliers, cannot buy raw materials , to pay utility bills, and it is also not a good sign if the company has too much exposure, for example too many people owe it.

Nikolett Tihanyi, managing director of czödvédelm.hu, said: companies must also take into account that problems may arise not only in their own operations, but also that they may be affected by payment and other market difficulties with their partners and customers.

According to experience, after the year-end period, January-February is traditionally a weaker period for companies, so for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), a flexible attitude, a management approach that is always ready to change, and constant monitoring of processes are of paramount importance. These leadership attitudes can definitely be a competitive advantage in a difficult situation. Since, according to surveys, SMEs make up 90 percent of all domestic companies and 60-70 percent of the employed work in this sector and they produce 50 percent of the added value in Hungary, their impact on economic processes is significant and affects other sectors as well. their effectiveness.

According to the announcement, if a crisis situation begins to develop at the company, it is important that the company managers react very quickly and use the help of an expert: czödvédelmes.hu advises businesses to constantly monitor their activities and respond to changes flexibly and immediately. The delay may mean that the planned revenues are missed and thus the operation becomes unfinanceable.

The first reorganization step, which is usually taken too slowly, too late, can be to reduce the size of the company – which may result in a loss of income, but at the same time it can prevent a bigger problem, an excessive increase in costs, and a bigger loss. The experts can also help with the calculation of the break-even point, price adjustment, and the coordination of procedures related to the reduction of plant size.

Nikolett Tihanyi added that, in addition to reorganization and redesign, the most important thing in a crisis situation is to find new markets, in any way.

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