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This is the right director for Ajith! He would have flown for nothing – but he would not join until the end

Actor Ajith: Actor Ajith is one of the celebrated actors of Tamil cinema. A very responsible actor who can concentrate on his job only acting. He has been an actor who believes in finding publicity for his film on his own without any extravagance like film promotion, music release.

Recently, Ajith Bakka has been showing interest in action movies. Especially bike and car chasing scenes are shown more in his film. Emphasis is seen on whatever field one is most interested in.

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Ajith, who is also a good shooter, has proved it with Thadvu. Ajith, who has been enthralling the fans with successive films, is currently acting in the movie Vidadasila directed by Majidhirumeni.

The work for the film is going on in full swing. The entire shooting of the film is being shot in foreign countries. It seems that the team is planning to release the film on April 14 after completing the shooting for these two months.

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It must be said that it has been a few years since Ajith acted in action-oriented films. At this stage, Ajith was acting in a film with director Hari.

Sun Pictures was going to produce the film in which they join. But due to some reason from the production side, the shooting of the film did not start. Maybe if Hari and Ajith teamed up, the film would have been on a different level. All the car scenes in Hari’s films are dusty. This is what Ajith wants too!

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