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This is what saved Vijayakanth for so long! Oh, this is why you don’t let anyone see you?

Captain Vijaykanth: Actor Vijaykanth was a selfless leader in Tamil cinema as an actor and a good man. He is popular with everyone. So far no one has spoken anything wrong about Vijayakanth.

He earned so much love. His death caused great consternation on all sides. If a person is sick for a long time and then dies, we think that is the case.

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But I could not think so in the case of Vijayakanth. His family, his fans and party members were with the idea that he was still alive even though he was not in good health. But after his death we saw that the entire Tamil Nadu was shocked.

A huge crowd was seen following MGR at Vijayakanth’s death. In this situation, famous actress Kutty Padmini said, ‘My husband died after a few years of separation from my husband. But I was shocked to hear the news of his death.’

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‘But Prema Vijayakanth traveled with Vijayakanth till his last days. What will be his state of mind then? Little Padmini said that Premalatha’s thali was blessed to have saved Vijayakanth for so long.

Apart from that, Vijayakanth was not allowed to see anyone due to lung-related disorders to prevent infection. Little Padmini said that no one should talk about this as a big news.

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