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This is what we’ve been waiting for! Ajith – Trisha stills from the shoot of ‘Vidavela’

Vidamuyarchi Movie: Ajith is emerging as a great actor in Tamil cinema. The reason for that is his self-confidence and hard work. He has reached this place by himself without any film background.

Currently, Ajith is busy with the shooting of the film Vidatheli. They are planning to shoot the entire film in Azerbaijan. It has already been reported that due to the weather there, the shooting has been put on hold for a week.

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But anyway they are trying to complete the shooting in February and bring it to the screens in April. At this stage, while only Ajith’s airport video and photos have gone viral,



Ajith Trisha’s photo is going viral on social media today. It seems that the photo of Trisha with Ajith was already taken at the airport.

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But this photo has just been published and is going viral. Fans who want to see Ajith can enjoy seeing the photo in one way or another at the airport.

Arjun, who was diligently shooting even to pay tribute to Vijayakanth, came directly and left after paying his respects. But Ajith expressed his condolences over the phone to Premalatha and Sutheesh saying that he was unable to come. I don’t know how to accept this.

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