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This is why you can’t use Android Auto wirelessly

One of Google’s services is preventing you from using Android Auto wirelessly on your device

This is why you can't use Android Auto wirelessly
Wireless Android Auto does not work correctly on your mobile and one of Google’s services is to blame.

Using Android Auto wirelessly is one of its greatest advantages, but this does not mean that it can always be used without having to physically connect the device to the vehicle. In fact, several users have started to complain when not being able to use Android Auto wirelessly and the reason is quite ridiculous because Google is to blame.

The problem is related to the Google One VPN, the Mountain View company’s cloud storage service. Apparently, VPN prevents Android Auto from connecting wirelessly to the carsince it creates a virtual private network that encrypts data traffic and makes communication between devices difficult.

Google One VPN, the culprit of the problem

The Google One VPN is one of the advantages offered by the 2 TB or higher plan of this service, which allows users to protect their privacy and security online. The VPN only works on Android, but Google is working on a client for iOS, Windows, and Mac. However, this feature also has its drawbacks, such as affecting Android Auto.

Users who have experienced this problem have shared their solutions on the google forums. Some have managed to solve it by resetting their car’s infotainment system, while others Others have had to modify their smartphone’s developer settings and change the default USB setting to “File Transfer/Android Auto.”.

Another simpler option is to disable the Google One VPN when you want to use Android Auto wirelessly.. To do this, simply open the Google One application on your mobile and click on the VPN card on the home screen. There you can see the status of the VPN and the option to hide the IP address and network. By disabling VPN, Android Auto should work wirelessly without any issues.

If none of the above solutions work, the problem may not have to do with your VPN. Google onebut with other factors. In that case, it is recommended to review the requirements to use Android Auto wirelessly, which are as follows:

  • Have a smartphone with Android 11 or higher and a car compatible with wireless Android Auto.
  • Have the latest version of the Android Auto application installed on your mobile.
  • Have Bluetooth and WiFi activated on your cell phone and car.
  • Have a good Internet connection, either via mobile data or WiFi.
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